Drone Uses in Construction and Land Survey

You may know that drones are widely used for different photography applications, but how can a drone with a camera be used to render a 3D map of a building, construction site, or perform a volume calculation of a stockpile, quarry, or surface / strip mine?

Enter photogrammetry.

Photogrammetry has long been used to perform surveys, stockpile volume calculations, 3D modeling, and more. This method is normally conducted at a relatively high altitude since it is usually performed by a camera mounted to a manned helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft. With these platforms comes the high costs of hangar storage, fuel, insurance, aircraft maintenance, and pilot currency testing.

A single drone battery can allow a flight of up to 20 – 25 minutes at low altitude, giving greater detail and ability to fly up to 50 acres on a single battery.

Before development, some properties and construction sites are not very accessible, and some are simply unsafe for the surveyor to enter, due to ground conditions, steep slopes, etc.

Our drones can provide photo assets for use in your choice of photogrammetry applications without putting the surveyor in any danger, whether from dangerous topology, or perhaps hostile neighbors / inhabitants (think recent protestors at the site of the Dakota Access pipeline).

If you want to take your land surveying or civil engineering business to the next level, contact us today!

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